SAS Championship Drive to Read

Reading well in the early grades predicts a child’s academic and career success. In 2023, SAS and the SAS Championship are partnering with the YMCA of the Triangle to continue to improve children’s literacy in the Triangle. Over the next few weeks, culminating in October, the Championship will promote and encourage attendees, volunteers, employees and supporters to donate age-appropriate books to support local Y Learning Programs.

Diversity in children's literature is crucial for fostering empathy, understanding, and a sense of inclusion. By donating books with characters from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures, the SAS Championship Book Drive promotes a more inclusive reading experience for young readers across the Triangle area. By participating in this meaningful effort, donors and volunteers contribute to a brighter future for children throughout the Triangle, helping them develop a lifelong love for reading and an appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experiences found in the pages of diverse books.

The campaign aims to collect 500 books to distribute to Y Learning participants across the Triangle. We invite you to join the cause. Visit our 'Drive to Read' Amazon Wishlist and donate today!

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